Jacindamaniacs Get What They Deserve

As of yesterday I’ve started reading Midnight In Siberia. It was published within the last 10 years and it has great detail of what the Soviet system did to Russians, and the lasting effects. The not-smiling thing and avoiding eye-contact / being indifferent to strangers comes from communism. Russians don’t like to be friendly with strangers because under communism if you told the wrong joke and were too open you’d end up in the gulag. So, if a country falls to communism (or a 21st century, socialist eco-dictatorship) then the consequences will be felt in the next century. It affects the character of the whole population in ways you wouldn’t be able to imagine, even when the system is gone for 30 years.

The Jacindamaniacs will worship Jacinda and revere her image in the media. When nothing changes and the next election is due, Jacindamaniacs will be herded like sheep into polling stations to repeat the misery. If Jacinda Ardern fails to deliver, then her supporters are further inclined to believe that she deserves another term.

If there is one thing that Jacinda Ardern does better than anyone else, it’s propaganda. She convinces most people that the best is yet to come, when, realistically, Kiwis will more likely experience years of unemployment and high expenses. Then they’ll become apathetic, comfortable with being unemployed, sitting on their asses all day, right where the globalists want us. Just waiting for better hand-outs.

The younger millennials (1990-1997) won’t be allowed to reproduce and they certainly won’t be allowed to retire because they’ll still be paying for their house. Anyone with children will be raising their family in a one-hundred-and-twenty square metre 2 bedroom flat with single glazing and no backyard. In the future that will look like a luxury to those condemned to live in 30 square metre apartments or San Francisco bunk-bed hostels called “pods”.

Dreams must be forgotten and goals reduced to a quarter of the original plan. This is what Kiwis deserve for believing in a political system, while ignoring community and sense of belonging (something that government can only simulate for us) Funny how Kiwis are chill about their living standards going down further with each year that passes.

Just as Russians became tragically docile and accepting of the Soviet system, so too do New Zealanders become accepting of poverty and wasted years of their lives, as they work harder and harder just to get a small sample of what generation x had.

Most kiwis don’t see the danger, perhaps a millennial with middle class parents feels safe because mum and dad can give them a car and a place to live, but what about the negro population in South Auckland? They will be living in poverty no matter how many hand-outs are given to them, they will be dependent until the end of time. Government and hand-outs mean nothing. What about working class whites on 12 hour graveyard shifts? For them there are no friends and there is no community, only work and recovery days. The only thing that matters is that citizens organise themselves without government help. Given that wage subsidies are running out and things are getting worse, it’s a great time to promote Voice Of Zealandia and get new members.

Hard Work Vs Just Working Hard

When people talk of “hard work” they mean low pay, long hours and poor conditions. In my opinion if you work a physical job and do at least 8 hours a day that counts as hard work (even if only 2-3 days a week) but most Kiwis think that hard work is a job with shitty conditions and an asshole boss. You have to suffer and secretly despise your existence for it to count as “hard work”. We need to rethink this mentality.

In Defence Of The Truth

When someone says “we need to rip out white supremacist groups by the roots” they are talking about an end to the free internet and an end to free debate. Also the white supremacists they speak of are mostly Qanon boomers and anti-lockdown protesters. The accusation of white supremacy against Qanon and anti-lockdown protesters is stupid, especially given that many fed-up Maoris support or follow these “movements”. I’d sit at the pub and drink with a group of based Maoris from Northland before I even think of shaking hands with a politician or journalist.

The Battle For Freedom Commences!

The one thing that keeps me going is the awareness that SIS and GCSB staff get paid massive salaries to read posts on Gab and Telegram, while non-government-employed kiwis work for petty wages that aren’t enough to buy a house or raise children. How can anyone live properly when they only get 4-15 hours per week?

So-called intelligence agencies greatly exaggerate the threat of people who vent online just to get more funding so that they can get higher salaries to renovate their house, buy a newer Merc and go on cruise ships.

The media are even worse. They flat-out lie about AZ. They also flat-out lie about Qanon by claiming that Qanon followers are mentally ill. This was done to the 9/11 truth movement in the 2000s so I kinda know this bullshit when I see it.

Fuck everyone who supports Jacinda’s crackdown on anti-government groups and gets paid for it. I can’t even afford to rent my own place and there’s no fucking way I could buy a nice car without a massive debt. The thought of travelling overseas (even before covid-19) is just a pipe-dream thanks to low wages and long hours and the cost of renting a shitty little bedroom with shared “facilities”.

I have nothing to gain by being in this country:

– I don’t own property here
– I don’t have a wife here
– I don’t have children here
– I don’t have a vehicle here
– I don’t have a stable job here with guaranteed hours

Fortunately I’m not short of allies any more, that’s the only good thing going forward.

At some point a series of axes must come down and strike every head off this Five Eyes loving, pedo protecting, raping, looting New World Order monster. New Zealanders won’t tolerate eating shit forever. The more the government oppresses us the more we will organise and resist. They are shutting down businesses everywhere after over-taxing us and squandering our tax money for years. It’s the duty of every honest Kiwi to demand that Queen Jacinda abdicate and leave her throne immediately. That said it isn’t Cindy who is the problem, it’s the entire political system that has to be thrown out.