Democracy Or Globalist Dictatorship?

In the end voting and democracy doesn’t make a difference. Remember when Labour said they’d make housing more affordable? It was reported last week that rents have increased in many cities. Minimum wage earners pay a third of their income just to share a toilet, share a kitchen and share a laundry with other people. To rent a proper place a person needs to spend over $300 a week but at this rate it becomes impossible to save and do anything useful with life. At some point society has to be thrown into chaos and rebuilt from the ground up. SIS, GCSB and stupid academics think that if we just ban websites it will stop accelerationism, populism and right-wing rhetoric of all kinds. They’d do much better if they would make it possible for 30 year olds to marry and have children. When the government has to investigate memes and political websites then you know that our country is in dire straights. It benefits the politicians to create this imaginary spectre of baseball bat wielding, heavily-tattooed white supremacists who don’t exist. Remember the Nazi base in Rangiora that never happened? It’s the perfect distraction for Jacinda Ardern’s re-election campaign. Instead of being honest about her failures, she can change the topic and talk about skinheads and mean people on the internet, when she should be deregulating housing and getting riding of zoning laws, and allowing local councils to have a say.