Covid-19 Nihilism In America

We ought to consider the consequences of Covid-19 on the American economy and whether this will accelerate the demise of that particular country. If so, how can we cannibalise America and eat its insides, sucking out all the wealth and talent, to feed our own country? If America collapses then their elites will come here with a lot of money. Certain parts of the globe are on the verge of a major shift, let’s ensure that it’s towards nationalism and independence.

In these volatile times we should take advantage of the instability and use it to change things. Similar to Putin and the KGB during the 1990s: America tried to hijack Russia’s economy and political system during the chaotic 1990s but Putin and his colleagues took control. Everyone expected Russia to become a spineless US ally after the collapse of the Soviet Union but instead Russia developed its own independence, including their own payment system called Mir, which circumvents sanctions and spying by Visa and Master Card. Russia also closed its border with China before Covid-19 could spread, how racist! A great example of what a country can do if it has the will and the resources and the perseverance ability.

New Zealand is different because we aren’t big and powerful like Russia, nor are we strategically located by Europe and the Middle East, but we DO have a good international reputation. As a country we should be cautious who we lend our credibility to. We as a country don’t owe favours to any other country and we can start by spending our money in ways that benefit OUR country. If New Zealanders wanted our industry to return then we could do it. It’d cost more to manufacture things here, I guess we just don’t want to spend more money on stuff because then we’d have to factor in cancelling subscriptions like Netflix/Xbox Live/PSN……. etc. LOL. The whole country is held back because our people care more about getting a $2,000 iTablet than about getting Kiwis into jobs. We care more about political parties and the economy than giving homeless people a place to stay, or helping impoverished working class people who are on zero hour contracts.