Disgusting journo faggots promote child rape

It has come to my attention that NewsHub’s favourite website (((PornHub))) is hosting and featuring videos of year 9 girls being raped. Here is a screenshot of (((NewsHub))) promoting their favourite website and beaming it to their audience of hundreds-of-thousands. Remember this is the same NewsHub which criticises Action Zealandia, and which pretends to care about Muslims and act like they have the moral high ground. Totally disgraceful.

And here is evidence of illegal pornography hosted by PornHub for FIVE MONTHS. Someone in the comment section points out that this “adult film actress” is actually a girl who is 13 or 14 years old.

NewsHub wants New Zealanders to masturbate to a year 9 girl being raped. Think twice before buying products or services that are advertised on NewsHub. They are promoting the rape of children. Stay informed, by following the accounts listed below for a different perspective that NewsHub won’t give you.