Useless vs useful

Over the years I’ve had a lot criticism for being “too negative”. Often people will say (in general) that people who complain never actually do anything to fix the problems. Yet in New Zealand, the very people who complain about my complaining are the people who do nothing. If people won’t get behind me and change New Zealand for the better then they should respectfully shut the fuck up and go somewhere else. I don’t just complain, I put my name on my opinions which most people are too chicken-shit to do. I don’t blame AZ for being anonymous but sheesh there are a lot of fools who criticise me, but they wouldn’t dare do the things that I do, or say the things that I say. Those people are the complainers and the time wasters. There are always those who just snipe from the shadows because they are cowards and losers who contribute nothing, all they do is tell me that my plans will fail, yet they never offer help. Too bad, I don’t need help from idiots. When I win they will be jealous of me and ask to join with me, only after I succeed from my own determination. To be honest I will probably let people join in my success and gain something from it, even if they were pathetic, and even if they never contributed. That is quite different to being a prick, isn’t it? lol