Unpopular Opinion: Christchurch Sucks

Everything is being subdivided by Asian slum-rulers, meaning that tenants don’t have anywhere to park a vehicle. If I split rent with another person and get a 3 bedroom property with 1 garage, how do I store my cars and bikes when other dudes no doubt want to store theirs too? What if I’m a sparky and I need a spot to park my van on the driveway, plus an additional garage or car port for my personal vehicle?

You’d think that with time things would’ve got better, but the wealth and power is being withheld from my generation and we end up fighting each other for the scraps. I think that the future rests in the surrounding districts, not in Christchurch itself. Christchurch is becoming a crime and gang infested shithole. A woman was assaulted this week and punched multiple times when a person entered her vehicle and attacked her after shouting “you’re a fucking mongrel bitch”. The media didn’t even have the balls to list the race of the violent attacker. Fucking cowards. First it was just east Christchurch that was bad, now Riccarton has become a shithole too.