Ruthless On Foreign Policy

Just a friendly reminder that everybody who works for the army, GCSB or SIS not only surrender their right to publicly condemn the government’s dark strategy, but they also are condoning, through their silence, the wholesale destruction of brown people’s lives in overseas wars. Wars which make us less safe and which only serve to aid the arms industry by increasing profit. There is nothing useful here.

Never forget that there is no such thing as human rights, morality, or “false equivalence” in the context of the Global War On Terror. Even “democratic nations” do horrible things, worst of all, their end goal is greed rather than national security. The War On Terror is simply winners and losers. Proxy war and hacking, when used correctly, can be used to balance power in the world. So far the war-mongering western nations have fucked up and only caused chaos and loss of life. Russia on the other hand has established a base in the Mediterranean to keep America from bombing the Middle East and so far they have secured Damascus from ISIS and CIA rule. There won’t any blowback from this because Russia did not disband the Syria Army in the way that the US disbanded the Iraqi Army (and entire government!)

Our government is just as sleazy as any other. Nothing should shock us any more.

Only full-blown sociopaths can win battles involving rouge governments and national security/foreign policy issues. If the Russian government destabilises the United States, resulting in violent sectarian or racial conflict then how many fucks do you think that I give? ZERO fucks given. Yes there are Axis Of Evil(tm) nations that have a pretty bad record for human rights but I couldn’t care less what those countries do because I don’t want to undermine those regimes or support their downfall.

The only countries I want to damage are the Five Eyes nations and the puppet nations that support them through military co-operation in Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria. These regimes are the worst of them all because whenever you criticise them they talk of “false equivalence” and say that democracy is a great system (which under globalism it isn’t)

The Great Satan, the United States, has lowed the quality of life for its citizens while a bunch of ruthless psychopaths charm their way to becoming billionaires, not just off the broken backs of the working poor, but also from the blood of those killed in the War On Terror.

As this progressive activist group notes, there is a spirit of “gung-ho covert operations” in the New Zealand Government. They have no morality and neither should anybody else. When your enemy uses poison gas, you respond with poison gas. If your enemy uses proxy armies to fight undeclared conflicts, you should do the same to them. Establish a fifth column in your enemy’s nation and destroy from within. This is war.