End The War On Terror… NOW

Unpopular opinion: New Zealand should never have supported any post-9/11 wars. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya are all dangerous and to this day exacerbate the threat of terrorism, including accelerationism. The current and former government ignore that Brenton Tarrant is a byproduct of the war on terror.

IWCNZ wants SIS to apologise for not protecting Muslims, but this is not enough. I’d say that SIS should apologise for allowing our politicians to be briefed with fake American information. American lies led Parliament to the belief that bombing Middle Eastern countries, causes millions of people to become displaced, was a rational course of action, necessary for national security. False and dangerous! The flood of refugees has caused an increase in radicalisation. We don’t even need refugees for our country to function, it’s better for them to live in their own nations. Only that they cannot, because our government is extremely violent and supports drone strikes and secret funding of “rebels” who are actually ISIS sympathising terrorists who kill civilians.

The war on terror causes violence and fear. If the NZ government is too chicken-shit to stop supporting these wars, then we have to cut the head off the snake – put a knife to America’s throat. When America is weakened and damaged, nobody will take their lies seriously. No more WMD hoaxes like the one used against President Assad. SIS should support BLM rioters so that white Americans live in fear and arm themselves, causing chaos in the American election season that will lead to America’s ultimate destrution. SIS don’t have the guts to do this, that’s why I support FSB and GRU, intelligence agencies that will actually harm America and damage America’s international reputation.