Useless Pricks – Our Government

If rents and suicides increase throughout 2020 then it will be the perfect environment for Action Zealandia to thrive. By increasing poverty, government increases recruitment while accelerating the collapse. Anger is slowly building due to government oppression and lowered standards of living. If Cindy bans websites then I will access them through VPN or Tor. What will Cindy do then? Will she ban VPN and Tor and essentially become a cyber-dictator who bans the truth? Government cannot win this, that’s why Action Zealandia is entrenched in their ideology and preparing for a successful future. They gain nothing from backing down. It’s the New Zealand Government that should back down. Cindy and Semen have only been a wank-stain on our country. 9 years of price increases and crushing the working class and middle class under national, and the same crap under labour. They are globalist rats.

My Thoughts On The Future

Not only this, but most women never want to marry or have children anyway. I recommend that all guys reading this get buff and join a foreign nation’s army or a para-military group. You have nothing to live for anyway. Forget about owning a home, you’ll never afford it. You’ll go insane and have a mental breakdown while trying to pay the mortgage each fortnight. When you finally admit to your gf that you can’t afford the house, she’ll break up with you and your life satisfaction will be zero. Back to square one, again.

Also, forget about having even *one* child. You can’t afford that either. Hate your enemies and destroy them with 4th gen warfare techniques. Work with foreign governments to damage your own government. Realise that you have almost nothing left to lose. Personally I want to fight for the Russians, but I’d work for the Chinese in Africa too, if they paid me well enough and gave me career opportunities as a translator of various languages.

I’m eager to change the world and crush the cucked West. I was born in the 90s – what am I even alive for? I’m just a tax slave for the American war machine, which blows things up rather than creating stability and jobs. I want to bring the US Federal Government to its knees through indirect action and make history happen

I have nothing to gain by supporting a system that works to drain my energy and bank account while offering me no reason to live for. I’d rather die fighting Islamic fanatics in Africa on behalf of the Chinese, than die in a puddle of my own vomit and shit, at age 52, in some dilapidated men’s hostel here in New Zealand.