Why Gab Is Winning

This is 4 years out of date, there is no more “alt right” because it split into hardened nat-soc movements and identitarians, but the point remains.

A Chadly Face, Cursed By Eugene’s Personal Problems! eeeeek

Both this guy and Elliot could have slayed loads of girls if they’d tried hard enough, it’s not like they are ugly @shadowknight412

I find these tabloid and vice articles bizarre, quite frankly. Instead of portraying unmarried men are terrorists, and telling them that they need to lift/improve/talk about their emotions, it would make a lot more sense to fix the cause rather than the symptoms.

100 years ago, heck, even 50 years ago, most of these ‘incels’ would be married with 4 children and a good house. Elliot Rodger just fecking destroys me with his style and BMW. All he needed was God or perhaps some Chad friends to back him up.

Personally, I’d be married and living somewhere in Russia already, if it weren’t for my lack of serious money. There should be a distinction between men who are ugly and men who just haven’t achieved what they want in life yet.

Sadly, as time goes on things become difficult for men. Wages are barely enough, houses are beyond reach for me and others born 1990, plus women only want sterile sex, only to have children as they near 40. Eventually the childless relationship gets boring and women move on to sleeping with a new ‘partner’ which is usually a guy they’ve already hit up on Tinder while still ostensibly in a relationship with the current bf/fwb.

Imagine ejaculating in a woman for 6 years, she never gets pregnant, she becomes grumpy/aloof/distant. The sex tap runs dry. The next thing you know, she wants to move into some other dude’s house. That’s many relationships these days.

Even the most confident guys get dumped and find out sooner or later that they cannot afford their $400,000 NZD home on a wage of $20 an hour. Imagine the indignity that my friend from school went through when he lost his house that he personally designed and installed the floorboards on. He sold up after 3 years and probably made a huge loss. And this is a Chad I’m talking about :chad:

When Chad has Eugene’s problems, something is very wrong. Everyone knows that a guy with a Chadly face can grab pussy with ease, but even Chad can’t satisfy women these days, especially not in the financial fitness dept.

I once lived with a guy who’s even better looking than me and the only pussy he had access to (outside of an easy screw in a stall in the men’s room at a bar) was this weird short gook – the top of her head didn’t even reach my shoulders when she walked past me.

Most of these ‘incel/neet terrorists’ are teens or guys who have barely passed 20. They haven’t learned much about life at their age but they’re probably right about the hoop jumps required for getting into vag’ because these days a man needs good genetics and financial superiority in order to keep a female’s interest. CLOWN. FUCKING. WORLD!🤡 🌏

What % of men my age have a bank account and a mortgage that can satisfy a woman?

Useless vs useful

Over the years I’ve had a lot criticism for being “too negative”. Often people will say (in general) that people who complain never actually do anything to fix the problems. Yet in New Zealand, the very people who complain about my complaining are the people who do nothing. If people won’t get behind me and change New Zealand for the better then they should respectfully shut the fuck up and go somewhere else. I don’t just complain, I put my name on my opinions which most people are too chicken-shit to do. I don’t blame AZ for being anonymous but sheesh there are a lot of fools who criticise me, but they wouldn’t dare do the things that I do, or say the things that I say. Those people are the complainers and the time wasters. There are always those who just snipe from the shadows because they are cowards and losers who contribute nothing, all they do is tell me that my plans will fail, yet they never offer help. Too bad, I don’t need help from idiots. When I win they will be jealous of me and ask to join with me, only after I succeed from my own determination. To be honest I will probably let people join in my success and gain something from it, even if they were pathetic, and even if they never contributed. That is quite different to being a prick, isn’t it? lol

Maximum Acceleration

I don’t understand why academics get paid to research why people turn to so-called radical ideologies. Simply put, there are very few jobs out there, and the jobs that do exist are shit jobs with psychopathic bosses, 12-14 hour shifts, no staff benefits and the pay is shit and you must own a car to get to the job (debt). Fix this shit and I’ll think about maybe not supporting radical politics. Until then I hope for maximum acceleration. If I was born in America then I’d be stocking up on guns right now and I’d be prepping for something big. Instead I live in a pathetic country where politicians are trusted, and the best I can do is shill for other groups online in the hope that someone does something stupid to kick off a civil war or racial conflict in America or Europe.

Gab On

I’m proud to support this great platform called Gab, which was established in 2016. Yesterday I took part in a product demo for the newest part of Gab, called “On” which is a zoom killer made by CEO Andrew Torba and CTO Rob Colbert. There are some issues that need to be fixed but On looks promising.