My 2019 manifesto

When I moved to WordPress and the cms sub-domain it was no longer possible to access documents using their URL, because it was blocked by the redirection rules. I have now shifted my old manifesto to a folder where it can be found and linked to. When I published this document in November 2019 eight SIS agents and eleven CIB agents appeared out of nowhere and aimed 9mm pistols at me while I sat in a restaurant. It happened so quickly that I choked on my kale and soysage and fell backward in my chair, flailing my limbs and smashing all the plates, glasses and cutlery off the table as I fell down. Two hours later I issued a white pride fatwa, condemning the New Zealand government and the Antifa terrorists who operate it from their secret hideouts.

Covid-19 Nihilism In America

We ought to consider the consequences of Covid-19 on the American economy and whether this will accelerate the demise of that particular country. If so, how can we cannibalise America and eat its insides, sucking out all the wealth and talent, to feed our own country? If America collapses then their elites will come here with a lot of money. Certain parts of the globe are on the verge of a major shift, let’s ensure that it’s towards nationalism and independence.

In these volatile times we should take advantage of the instability and use it to change things. Similar to Putin and the KGB during the 1990s: America tried to hijack Russia’s economy and political system during the chaotic 1990s but Putin and his colleagues took control. Everyone expected Russia to become a spineless US ally after the collapse of the Soviet Union but instead Russia developed its own independence, including their own payment system called Mir, which circumvents sanctions and spying by Visa and Master Card. Russia also closed its border with China before Covid-19 could spread, how racist! A great example of what a country can do if it has the will and the resources and the perseverance ability.

New Zealand is different because we aren’t big and powerful like Russia, nor are we strategically located by Europe and the Middle East, but we DO have a good international reputation. As a country we should be cautious who we lend our credibility to. We as a country don’t owe favours to any other country and we can start by spending our money in ways that benefit OUR country. If New Zealanders wanted our industry to return then we could do it. It’d cost more to manufacture things here, I guess we just don’t want to spend more money on stuff because then we’d have to factor in cancelling subscriptions like Netflix/Xbox Live/PSN……. etc. LOL. The whole country is held back because our people care more about getting a $2,000 iTablet than about getting Kiwis into jobs. We care more about political parties and the economy than giving homeless people a place to stay, or helping impoverished working class people who are on zero hour contracts.

Democracy Or Globalist Dictatorship?

In the end voting and democracy doesn’t make a difference. Remember when Labour said they’d make housing more affordable? It was reported last week that rents have increased in many cities. Minimum wage earners pay a third of their income just to share a toilet, share a kitchen and share a laundry with other people. To rent a proper place a person needs to spend over $300 a week but at this rate it becomes impossible to save and do anything useful with life. At some point society has to be thrown into chaos and rebuilt from the ground up. SIS, GCSB and stupid academics think that if we just ban websites it will stop accelerationism, populism and right-wing rhetoric of all kinds. They’d do much better if they would make it possible for 30 year olds to marry and have children. When the government has to investigate memes and political websites then you know that our country is in dire straights. It benefits the politicians to create this imaginary spectre of baseball bat wielding, heavily-tattooed white supremacists who don’t exist. Remember the Nazi base in Rangiora that never happened? It’s the perfect distraction for Jacinda Ardern’s re-election campaign. Instead of being honest about her failures, she can change the topic and talk about skinheads and mean people on the internet, when she should be deregulating housing and getting riding of zoning laws, and allowing local councils to have a say.

Useless Pricks – Our Government

If rents and suicides increase throughout 2020 then it will be the perfect environment for Action Zealandia to thrive. By increasing poverty, government increases recruitment while accelerating the collapse. Anger is slowly building due to government oppression and lowered standards of living. If Cindy bans websites then I will access them through VPN or Tor. What will Cindy do then? Will she ban VPN and Tor and essentially become a cyber-dictator who bans the truth? Government cannot win this, that’s why Action Zealandia is entrenched in their ideology and preparing for a successful future. They gain nothing from backing down. It’s the New Zealand Government that should back down. Cindy and Semen have only been a wank-stain on our country. 9 years of price increases and crushing the working class and middle class under national, and the same crap under labour. They are globalist rats.

False Narratives

There is a prevailing narrative that so-called right-wing extremism is growing due to social media, when in actual fact it is growing because people have uncertain futures and because the West is in decline. Fertility rates are way down, as is the average age that women have their first baby. We see corrupt politicians expanding overseas wars while New Zealand’s society stagnates. I am a huge fan of Action Zealandia and it’s shameful that the media won’t get behind these guys and support them. They’re talking about issues which all kiwis are affected by – globalism run amok, aided by corrupt and lazy politicians.

My Thoughts On The Future

Not only this, but most women never want to marry or have children anyway. I recommend that all guys reading this get buff and join a foreign nation’s army or a para-military group. You have nothing to live for anyway. Forget about owning a home, you’ll never afford it. You’ll go insane and have a mental breakdown while trying to pay the mortgage each fortnight. When you finally admit to your gf that you can’t afford the house, she’ll break up with you and your life satisfaction will be zero. Back to square one, again.

Also, forget about having even *one* child. You can’t afford that either. Hate your enemies and destroy them with 4th gen warfare techniques. Work with foreign governments to damage your own government. Realise that you have almost nothing left to lose. Personally I want to fight for the Russians, but I’d work for the Chinese in Africa too, if they paid me well enough and gave me career opportunities as a translator of various languages.

I’m eager to change the world and crush the cucked West. I was born in the 90s – what am I even alive for? I’m just a tax slave for the American war machine, which blows things up rather than creating stability and jobs. I want to bring the US Federal Government to its knees through indirect action and make history happen

I have nothing to gain by supporting a system that works to drain my energy and bank account while offering me no reason to live for. I’d rather die fighting Islamic fanatics in Africa on behalf of the Chinese, than die in a puddle of my own vomit and shit, at age 52, in some dilapidated men’s hostel here in New Zealand.